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Bonne Maman® Pates de Fruits
Open container of Bonne Maman® Pates de Fruits
Individual Bonne Maman® Pates de Fruits stacked on top of each other
Bonne Maman® Pates de Fruits with an open Pates de Fruit container, apples, cinnamon sticks, oranges, and strawberries on a white table

Bonne Maman® Pâtes de Fruits

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Soft and fruity traditional French candies

Enjoy these soft and fruity traditional French candies, made with natural ingredients and individually packaged with care. Devour them in one bite for a delicious treat, or surprise your friends and family with a gift they’ll love! Includes an assortment of four classic flavors: Strawberry, Orange, Apricot and Apple Cinnamon. 

Simple Ingredients, Homemade Taste™